Flea and Tick Preventatives 2015

posted: by: Joy Zaccardo Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

We know you love and care well for your furry family members.  Canfield Vet staff works hard to support you in this goal.  We routinely review the cases that come through the hospital for any information that will help us serve our clients better.  Over this past year, we have noted an increase in flea infestations and tick bites even though our clients were very compliant with applying appropriate medications - specifically Frontline Plus.  This same situation has been experienced throughout the local area and indeed our entire region.  It is thought that perhaps fleas and ticks are becoming increasingly resistant to the ingredients in Frontline Plus as it’s been long used by pet owners locally.

Merial, the maker of Frontline Plus, has noted this issue as well.  They have modified their Frontline product and created a new one called Frontline Tritak which includes an additional ingredient called cyphenothrin that also kills fleas and ticks, giving better success.  In addition, last year Merial also introduced an oral product for flea and tick prevention called Nexgard.  This product has worked very well and seems to be well liked by pets and owners alike.  Nexgard looks very similar to Heartgard, has a beef flavor and pets readily enjoy eating it.  Those owners that have tried Nexgard have reported enjoying the convenience of an oral product and tell us it works well. 

In addition to these products, we also stock the Seresto collar.  This collar works for 8 months continuously (frequent swimming/bathing will reduce this to 5 months).  This provides constant protection from fleas and ticks with nothing to remember on a monthly basis.  Owners report it works very well

In an effort to provide the most current, effective products for our clients, Canfield Vet will carry Nexgard, Frontline Tritak, and Seresto collars in the hospital for our clients.  Our doctors feel these products offer the best ingredients available for flea and tick prevention.  In our area, ticks have become an increasing concern with the large deer population, not just for our pets but for us as well.  Using a preventative is good veterinary medicine and recommended by all the doctors here at Canfield Vet.

Our staff will inquire on the status of the preventative method you choose for fleas and ticks during your next appointment.  They will help you choose a product that meets your needs and keeps your furry family member free of these pests.